A typical Bless & Clear Wednesday….

Posted by: Rev Gillian Harris 9:50pm

So we worked for a gentleman in Glendale today…
He wanted a House Healing/clearing, Blessing & Counsel.
Such a sweet guy… Moved into a chapter of deep spiritual exploration and growth as the result of a being who kept him up at night for months.
For some reason I am most touched by his relationship with this being, George, and especially the moment when George left.

Our client knew George meant him no harm and in truth, George was leading him down a path that caused him (our client) to take care of himself; emotionally & spiritually. These are areas he’d been ignoring until now.
So… George left.. He was sad to leave and wide eyed about the new territory in The Light. I was so touched by that.

After the clearing we sealed and intensified the Light with a blessing ceremony then spent a while in counsel…

May our client sleep peacefully and deeply tonight….
Rev G