Conscious Decoupling: Process/Ceremony

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”There are no ‘failed’ romances, ‘lost’ loves or ‘broken’ homes. Change these negative perceptions to blessings by seizing the opportunities they present to learn and grow thereby releasing the discomfort so you can manifest your true desire. With this transformation, you can consciously create a blissful future starting NOW.

Rev Gillian V Harris, M.S.P.


The Process & Ceremony

For couples
Half couples

Conscious Decoupling is for anyone who wants to clear emotional debris from past relationship(s) and consciously create their future bliss! 



While many are enchanted by the concept of a conscious decoupling ceremony… it also, at first, can sound too…unrealistically idealistic! Wishful thinking. Too good to be true! Seems that way because the termination of a romance can naturally trigger catastrophically severe emotion. Not to mention, like a hurricanes level F5 – the shear insanity often expressed by the most otherwise sound and refined of people when in the midst of heartbreak!! The emotions can be SO intense that this Conscious Decoupling thing just rings more as a fairy tale pipe dream!


Though it is NOT a new process, ‘Conscious Decoupling’ (or, ‘uncoupling’ as some refer to it) is something most haven’t heard of.  It actually IS possible to feel lighter during the romance termination process. It IS possible to feel love and not even engage in the ego’s natural impulses to react in extreme fashion (and probably outside your normal character) when being rejected by someone you love, especially in the romance arena.

Neuroscience says crazy break-up behavior has to do with our brain. They’ve even identified and labeled emotions like ‘Heartbreak Syndrome’ –which, by the way, can simulate a heart attack! Yeah! Wikipedia describes ‘Takosubo cardiomyopathy’, which can be triggered by emotional stress – especially with the death of a loved one or a romance, “a sudden temporary weakening of the muscular portion of the heart.” – Um… THAT’S serious stuff!!!  You need to be FIT to endure a break up and live to talk about it!!!  How many of these ‘break ups’ can one human body tolerate?

Historically and in general ‘ break-ups’ are considered nothing but misery, the epitome of doom and gloom. – Somebody’s the victim, somebody’s the villain.  Or maybe they’re both villians! Either way, nobody wins and because of their participation born out of their belief system in their current situation, their future romances promise more of the same!

GOOD NEWS:  It’s a new day! – Thousands of people have now enjoyed the benefits of shifting their minds, hearts and actions to realize the personal growth, evolution and even the potential bliss to be gained from a Conscious Decoupling!! If it is your desire to free yourself of the imprisonment created by carrying the dark load of emotional baggage – If you want to create the opportunity to consciously manifest the postive joy you truly deserve to have in the future, you have to first consciously decouple from the current (or past).  In the conscious decoupling process you’ll learn tools that you can use to flourish & thrive for the rest of your life! Love will set you free!

Who qualifies for a conscious decoupling ceremony?

Anyone who’s experienced (or is experiencing) an ended romance.  Doesn’t matter how long ago this romance was.  Could have ended a few hours ago or 20 years ago. If it is still disturbing your peace, you deserve the opportunity to heal and free yourself from the bondage this pain has created and could continue to create for your life.  Even if you are in harmony with the termination of the romance – you’re ‘relieved’ by it (!) there is benefit to you, as well, to participate in the conscious decoupling process. The one who leaves, especially if they truly care for and love the one they are leaving, can find there are issues that come up as a result of this severance. Issues to resolve so they are not part of a future (or new) relationship.

You could have been married and this romance ending has led to divorce. Maybe you were living together, or dating, or ALMOST dating! Again, if it was a romance to you and it is no longer a romance and you want to heal past the pain of this ending, you can benefit from the Conscious Decoupling process.

Who hasn’t had a romance go awry? If not awry – just gone…away?!  Romances that just fade out to a flat line… Romances where there’s betrayal and other violations. Then there are romances that almost were. Or that we wished would eventually be.  There are many who have pined for years over an individual with whom they never manifested a dating experience.  They just…wanted one.  The desire became part of their identity as they focused on it every day. A Secret Admirer – not necessarily expressed to the person who was the object of this craving but expressed enough to themselves that stopping now, is causing distress…sadness…grief. Desire so intense, it has blocked their ability to create or keep another relationship.  Those folks are also perfect for a conscious decoupling process and ceremony.

While both parties of the once union is the ultimate goal for the process – sometimes this is not necessary, possible or…healthy! Your conscious decoupling process and ceremony are not dependent upon your ex partners participation.   The bottom line is, the break-up, no matter the circumstances, is about you and believe it or not, depending on what you do now, this break-up could be the catalyst for a blessing!


Conscious Decoupling in 1, 2, 3!

There is a three step process, step 3 is your actual ceremony.
Call or email the Bless & Clear, Sacred Ceremonies office to confirm your Decoupling.  Step 1 will be a 60 minute consulation which prepares you for the processing as well as your ceremony. After this consultation you are overnighted or messengered complimentary reading materials related to the conscious decoupling process.  Step 2 is a processing session but if you have already done this with a therapist, counselor, divorce coach or spiritual advisor, you may skip Step 2.  Step 3 is the actual ceremony!

The beauty of the conscious decoupling process is that you have an opportunity to begin your healing in earnest. You come out of it with a slate clean enough to continue growing and learning without the dark baggage that would have otherwise still consumed you.  After going within to heal the places that are wounded by previous moments in your history, you come out truly free & lifted.  Dark clouds no longer hover above your life as you are now working from a foundation, perspective and understanding which allows you to move forward with ease and blissful intention. You will have dealt with and corrected the misperceptions and harmful erroneous beliefs that you may find have been guiding you to similar ended romances in the past and played into the love story you’re closing now. Going forward, you get to create from a platform that is a clean slate charged with your conscious intentions for the future.

By going within to see, understand, accept, reprogram and allow the purposeful self-creation of a new belief system in alignment with your truest desires you’re then operating from an energetic foundation that will attract what you consciously have chosen!  This is not to say that gaining this consciousness completely dissolves the pain and grief of the current lost romance! Not at all! But your new growth will shed new light on the old. Your grief will most likely be lighter, shorter in duration and void of crazy, vengeful or self-destructive activity! : )

Please contact us to learn whether Conscious Decoupling is the ticket for you!

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete”
Futurist Buckminster Fuller


All of our ministers have been trained and/or degreed in a variety of modalities.  If you need a reading, personal healing, counseling, life or goal coaching or are interested in classes we will give recommendations. You may visit the professional website of the minister who performed your ceremony, or may choose another Bless & Clear Minister with whom you resonate for further services. Bless & Clear is not responsible for services outside of ministerial duties booked directly through the Bless & Clear Company Headquarters.