Rev. Gillian Harris

Rev. Gillian V. Harris, M.S.P.
Author, Speaker

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You will find yourself immediately disarmed and comforted by Gillian’s counsel and ceremonial leadership. As a practicing New Thought Minister and Spirit Counselor she is known to immediately embrace you and your intention with a light and loving energy.

Along with founding Bless & Clear, Gillian is also founder & CEO of Valet Of The Dolls, LLC a 15 year old private event valet company based in Malibu California. Working for herself has given her time to pursue her life’s purpose. Lifelong participation and study in the area of Spirituality and Metaphysics began when she was a teenager with clairavoyant and inter-dimensional experiences then intensified around 2001 when she began receiving Intuitive, medium and channeling mentorship guidance to hone her skills. Author of ‘The Secrets of Lost; The Validity of Multi-Dimensional Existence’, Gillian is also a Reiki Master/Teacher with a Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology.

As a Minister, Gillian is ordained through the International Assembly of Spirit Healers and Earth Stewards. With an early Christian (Episcopalian) background she now realizes herself to be of the New Thought Philosophy (basically that there is one supreme being of which we are all unique expressions). Since her ordination she’s done an enormous amount of work as a Transition Midwife. In this area she is a warm and compassionate companion offering all of her tools/gifts as they are needed to one who is in the process of transitioning; another birth from this life to the next…

In the area of ceremony Gillian is delighted to see the combination of all of her passions; Spirit, written & spoken word and heart to heart communion as she gets to know you and your desires then artfully molds the information into the ceremony of your dreams.

Gillian’s keen sensitivities and connection to Spirit make her masterful at ceremonies like House Blessings and Project Blessings but she also loves all couple ceremonies. -Rites of Passage journeyed by two Spirits as part of their human experience.  Gillian is the pioneer of Conscious Decoupling ceremonies and has guided scores of couples through this rite of passage which leaves them free(r) from baggage as they end their romantic union and become newly single, again. Marriages are also a specialty along with commitment ceremonies!

Ceremonies are both a ritual and Celebration! So, to that end, while demonstrating appropriate respect for the momentousness of the occasion, where she sees the opportunity, Gillian is likely to infuse your ceremony with heart, joy and laughter!

Some remember Gillian and ‘the voice’ from her neary 20 years in Los Angeles radio, first as a Broadcast Journalist then as an afternoon drive air personality. She rubbed elbows with stars in the R & B Oldies Music world who graced her studio for face to face live on-air interviews in between the music.

Now, instead of music, she Ministers,
One intention,
One couple,
One healing,
One blessing,
One ceremony at a time…