House Healings

We prefer to call house clearings, “house healings”. The name of the ceremony then is in alignment with the intention. We are here to heal your home.

If you are experiencing spirit activity such as ghosts, apparitions, temperature changes or just feeling an energy separate from yourself during sleep or certain awake times, chances are you need a house healing! Especially if this energy is uncomfortable or in any way disturbing for you.

House ‘hauntings’ are complex situations. There is a resonance that is created by crossing sets of energy circumstances. A few points about what could be happening:

  • You are not the first to inhabit your house.  Other people have lived there and created ‘imprints’ with their own lives including traumas, divorces, births, deaths etc, that you may be unaware of.  You are also unaware of ‘how’ these previous tenants processed their feelings. Was it a healthy growing experience? Or…the opposite? The number of people or families who have crossed through your dwelling will determine how much imprinted energy lives here.
  • Disincarnate spirits are people who have transitioned in your house or perhaps are simply attracted to your house for a various reasons.  They may need help fully crossing over to the other side, or they may have a message to pass on first.

You chose this house for a reason.  Your own life’s journey led you to this dwelling because there was a healing or growth opportunity that was awaiting you. A house haunting can be the first spiritually aware moment that a person experiences on their path.  It is something to celebrate, really!

If you’ve had a dramatic life change or shift take place – even something self created, by taking steps to open spiritually, you may have opened the communication between yourself and your house.  You may be vibrating on the same level which is allowing you to experience the unseen.

  •  Construction- Doing construction on your home can kick up energy that may have been dormant for a long period of time.  Construction literally crosses dimensions. (what you create in the physical is also created in the non-physical).
  •  Emotions- Emotions are energy in motion and need an outlet. If you are depressed, sad or angry but not expressing the emotions, they will need a place to go. This either attracts a similar vibrating being to you as a reflection or creates an entity itself to be expressed.  Usually with some counseling, self reflection and brave honesty the unresolved issues at the core of the emotion, can be processed into healing.
  • Clutter- Your house’s physical appearance will also attract chaos if it is quite messy or things that have specific types of vibrations are in the house. Our ministers will see this and guide you on how to shift the physical vibration as well. Physically cleaning your home will be just as important as spiritually cleaning your home.

We have ministers who are highly trained and talented in the area of House Healing.  We can help to clear the home by tuning into all that is creating the disturbance.


You will first fill out our online form with the main details of your homes disturbance that you are experiencing.   Upon making an appointment, you will have a short consultation with a specifically trained minister. They will be trained as a clairvoyant medium and possibly a healer or channel.   They tend to not want to know much other than your personal experiences. Please keep to yourself what you “know” about the house unless asked by them during your house healing ceremony.

The people living in the home who are experiencing the phenomena will be asked to be present.  Anyone who will not be in support of your house healing will need to find somewhere to go for the duration of the clearing. It is very important that anyone present be supportive or willing to receive this healing. We also ask that you not have an ‘audience’. Anyone who is not experiencing phenomena or does not live in the home does not need to be there.   Less is more here.

The minister will walk through your home and tune into its vibration. They will get the “story” that the house is revealing and any ghost like vibrations.

They will choose an area of the home to do the clearing in.  Everyone necessary to the clearing will sit in on the house healing.  In some cases, the minister will talk to you about your own personal process and how that might have added to this sudden energy shift in the home.  They will also bring to light what is happening in the home on the unseen level and why it is so attracted to you. An example can be:  a ghost can be very similar to the person they are following. Maybe lived a similar life or likes something that you are doing.

Each minister has their specialty and how they perform the energy clearing & healing. It can be very a enlightening, empowering and ultimately healing experience.

After the clearing:  You will walk the house with the minister and feel the difference in every room. The minister may give you some physical things to do or clear up so that stuck energy does not reappear.  You can also experience feelings associated with the house healing. If you feel tired or emotional just allow the feelings to emerge and follow them until they are fully released.  All is well.

We will call you about one week after the House Healing to see how you are and how you are feeling in your home.

It is rare that we would need to come out again. Taking responsibility for your energy and emotions is key here.  You may be having a spiritual awakening now and may possibly need to take more steps in another way to follow through with that awakening.


All of our ministers have been trained and/or degreed in a variety of modalities.  If you need a reading, personal healing, counseling, life or goal coaching or are interested in classes we will give recommendations. You may visit the professional website of the minister who performed your ceremony, or may choose another Bless & Clear Minister with whom you resonate for further services. Bless & Clear is not responsible for services outside of ministerial duties booked directly through the Bless & Clear Company Headquarters.