Ministerial Services

Ministerial Services

Whether you are, or are not looking to have a ‘ceremony’ you are welcome to use a Bless & Clear TM Minister for more personalized spiritual service through counseling, coaching or one of many holistic healing modalities. Bless & Clear TM ministers are degreed and/or trained in a variety of treatments and techniques in which they are seasoned and available to be of service.  You may contact our office at 818-224-3003 to help you choose the best minister for your needs, or ask to see our Roster of Ministers to get a sense of who you’d like to make your appointment with.


Spiritual/Intuitive Counseling & Goal Coaching –
Spiritual Counsel is available with Ministers degreed in Spiritual Psychology.  100% participation of the client is required as this technology empowers one to surrender blocks in a process of healing.  -Healing on the physical, mental and emotional levels in service to the deeper revelations of who – or better yet – ‘what’ we are on an authentic level; a loving, peaceful, compassionate and joyful Spirit, having a human experience!   Spiritual Psychology is a technology that guides to the transformation of your relationship with yourself and others, enhanced levels of success and fulfillment.  Both phone or in person appointments are available.

Many of our ministers are also intuitive counselors.  You may be at a crossroads in your life and need an alternative counseling option. Please know that these ministers are not clinical psychologists but spiritual intuitive counselors who have gone through specialized training for the purposes of counseling from a spiritual and intuitive perspective.  Both phone or in person appointments available.

Clairvoyant Readings-
A step beyond Intuitive counseling is a clairvoyant reading. This still has a counseling aspect to it, but is a more in depth approach to your soul’s path and choices you’ve made both consciously and unconsciously. A Clairvoyant Reading with one of our ministers can be extremely helpful in making choices towards healing and life purpose. Phone consults or in person options available.

This is a specialized type of reading that connects you to your crossed over loved ones.  Some of our ministers are also professional mediums. This type of reading can bring closure to unanswered questions about their passing or heal loose ends that you may not have been able to work on during their lifetime. This type of reading can be transformative for both you and your crossed over loved one.  Mediumship readings are available in person or over the phone.

Energy Healing-
Our energy healing sessions vary in modality depending on the specified training of your chosen minister. Some have extensive training in a Shamanistic healing modality, or may use a Vibrational Healing technique which may not use physical touch for the healing. Please visit our Roster of Ministers page to see which may provide the type of healing service you are interested in.  Energy Healings can be conducted in person or from a distance.


All of our ministers have been trained and/or degreed in a variety of modalities.  If you need a reading, personal healing, counseling, life or goal coaching or are interested in classes we will give recommendations. You may visit the professional website of the minister who performed your ceremony, or may choose another Bless & Clear Minister with whom you resonate for further services. Bless & Clear is not responsible for services outside of ministerial duties booked directly through the Bless & Clear Company Headquarters.