photo – SheAh Prince The Prince

photo - SheAh Prince The Prince

SheAh Prince Eternal, Minister, Shaman, & High Priestess, brings her extensive training and empowering nature to Bless And Clear with love. She is more than willing to work with you to insure that you have the wedding, house blessing, baby blessing, or numerous other services that may fit your criteria with expertise and the added option of precise planning for those who are not sure how to put it all together. She also offers personal coaching as an added bonus and is more than willing to travel to your location. Whether you are interested in a simple, quick , wedding or an elaborate event SheAh is available. Whether you have a religious preference or not she will work with you to give you the experience you seek.She is available for house blessings, happy, transitioning memorials, or for whenever you feel the need for a loving connection. Go ahead, reach out and contact her for your personal touch.
SheAh Prince Eternal