Project Blessings

Creating something, manifesting a dream, begins by setting an intention. A working definition for intention is: “to have in mind a purpose or plan, to direct the mind, to aim”. Lacking intention, we can stray…aimlessly…for a long time! But with ‘intention’, all the forces of the Universe can align to make even the most impossible, possible.

If you have a new or on-going project and you’d like to honor the process while energizing yourself and overall intention with the project – a blessing ceremony is in order. This Rite of Passage is a way of declaring before witnesses your project intention and an opportunity for the Universe to say…’you have my blessing’. And with that, it’s like a Spiritual Ribbon Cutting, this process can usher in the clarity, focus, cooperation and creativity while energizing your effort. Your project blessing ceremony is an action on your part and demonstrates your commitment. The energy of the blessing backs you up so amazing things can occur.

With a ceremony of this type, we recommend inviting all partners, co workers as well as friends, family and others who are in support of you. The energy everyone brings is indeed icing on the cake as your intention is escorted by the supportive vibration of your group.

Project Blessings are the perfect start to any product/project launch party.
Once you’ve selected a Bless & Clear minister they will begin the process of creating a customized ceremony specifically for your project.


All of our ministers have been trained and/or degreed in a variety of modalities.  If you need a reading, personal healing, counseling, life or goal coaching or are interested in classes we will give recommendations. You may visit the professional website of the minister who performed your ceremony, or may choose another Bless & Clear Minister with whom you resonate for further services. Bless & Clear is not responsible for services outside of ministerial duties booked directly through the Bless & Clear Company Headquarters.