Rev. Raviena Rowan

Rev. Raviena Rowan
photo - Michelle Dilena -250pixcrp

Raviena has had extensive sacred ceremony training, including ceremonies with emphases in shamanism and ancient Goddess spirituality. She has been a priestess for many years, having studied and explored a myriad of different spiritual traditions.

Drawing on eclectic spiritual practices that make her a true inter-faith minister, Raviena honors the Divine in all spiritual traditions. She is especially talented in uniquely designing sacred ceremonies that speak to and express your heart, thereby creating a truly memorable and meaningful experience for all in attendance.

Raviena is a natural born intuitive who has honed her skills through years of study and training. She has been a clinical hypnotherapist for over 16 years; is a Usui and a Karuna Reiki Master Teacher; has been initiated as an Inca Munay-Ki Earthkeeper; and is certified as a clairvoyant intuitive, vibrational healer, and trance vocal channel.

Through a unique blending of her gifts and a life changing event that guided her husband into spirit, Raviena has deepened her sensitivity to the dance of life and works to assist others in connecting to their truest selves. Whether through a personal healing session, a full moon Goddess ceremony, or other sacred ceremonies marking major life passages, Raviena has a great skill for connecting with people and facilitating an experience that resonates with the truth of who you are.