Rev. Phillip Green

Rev. Phillip Green
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Phillip Greene is a SHES Minister (International Assembly of Spiritual Healers & Earth Stewards). The SHES assembly supports a new era in religions of sincere personal responsibility in spiritual growth while maintaining a universal spiritual and reverent communion between and among all sharing beings.


While being trained to provide Sacred Ceremonies for those journeying deeply into their lives here and now, Phillip is also trained to provide Conscious Transitions for those who are journeying into their next phase of existence by helping to lead them to the actual, natural departure of the physical body. Phillip’s strong presence and kind demeanor become very apparent during the client interview, where he believes the true significance and intent of the client is actually created. From that point the unique resonance each ceremony creates is a signature that invokes spirit and imprints meaningful experiences into the lives of the family and attendees.


Phillip is a Clairvoyant-Intuitive and Trance Channel. He recognizes a ubiquitous and infinite Divine Love and Truth as the guiding force and presence in all spiritual and religious traditions, and it is this presence of Source that assists Phillip in leading his clients to choosing their best possible life path and future.


He says, ”Our belief structures are at the core of of the reality we create for ourselves. It is our spirituality at the base level that fuels growth in our soul, and that is able to occur from any belief structure, although the realities they create can range quite extensively.  Beliefs can easily cause separations between us, just as surely as placing iron bars between various individuals and groups. It is our job to dissolve those bars. We should reach out and find the similarities between us and embrace them with all of our heart in all that we do. In this way the world (and our inner spirit life) will prosper and grow to its full potential.”


Phillip lives in Calabasas, CA where he runs a mobile app gaming company. In addition, he is a Marine Mammal Rescue Team Member for the California Wildlife Center and conducts private readings.