Rite of Puberty

The Rite of  Puberity / Consecration of Adulthood

Coming of Age Ceremonies are not designated only to certain religions. They are for anyone and provide a spiritual transitional framework for the passage from girl to young woman and from boy to young man. With this ceremony the family, community and most importantly the young person being celebrated are reminded of the significance of this transition.



All of our ministers have been trained and/or degreed in a variety of modalities.  If you need a reading, personal healing, counseling, life or goal coaching or are interested in classes we will give recommendations. You may visit the professional website of the minister who performed your ceremony, or may choose another Bless & Clear Minister with whom you resonate for further services. Bless & Clear is not responsible for services outside of ministerial duties booked directly through the Bless & Clear Company Headquarters.