Photos & Testimonials

photo - wedding cake 2

photo - Wedding Reggie and Lizzie
Reggie & Lizzie August 2015

photo - wedding Casie & Kaitlyn
Casie & Kaitlyn September 2015

photo - decoupling left
Anonymous couple – Decoupling Ceremony October 2015

Description: This beautiful rite of passage allowed the couple to remember and talk about why they fell in love initially. They then shared forgiveness including forgiving themselves, individually. Moving forward now in a different kind of union as they are friends forever…cheerleaders for the other, always, as they both continue their journeys and ambitions. To quote one of them a few days after the ceremony “I feel like our love is deeper and more fully expressed now than it ever was before! Isn’t that weird?! Instead of feeling dumped I’m blissed out of my mind (giggle) and now I am moving forward happy Instead of with a heavy heart I’m LIGHT and I am so grateful!”

Photo - wedding Larry & Carlos August 9, 2015
Carlos & Larry August 2015

This wedding in Canyon Country, Ca included Larry’s sister Sharon in D.C. who was on my little podium via cell phone! Immediately after the actual ceremony, during a video presentation, I connected with the spirit of Larry’s mother as she was fully present during their entire wedding and expressed love as tears, through me, to her son. One of the most incredible experiences I’ve ever had ministering a wedding ceremony! My gratitude for this opportunity to be of service.
Rev Gillian Harris, MSP

Thank YOU so much for officiating our ceremony. Everyone had nice things to say about you. My sister was particularly impressed with you. Thanks for being willing to ‘improv’ and include her. She said she hoped that no one could hear her sobbing through the whole ceremony. It was particularly meaningful for me since I had no family (or friends) in attendance. Also, thanks for the emotional support when I saw my mothers’ picture during the video. It’s been over 2 years, but the loss still cuts at times.

It was especially meaningful to me that we were married by someone with your spiritual connection. Both Carlos and I come from families that were very religious (Catholic), but also experienced psychic phenomena and considered it a normal occurrence. It is something that we do not share with everybody, but we can share with other. It has strengthened our belief in God and forms the foundation upon which we have built our lives together the past 20 years. Our union is an unlikely one. But it makes perfect sense to each of us. We both know it is Gods’ intention at some very primal subconscious level.

Again, thanks for making our wedding extra special. Let me know if the pictures are o.k.

God bless,

“We can’t thank you enough for blessing our home.
What a wonderful ceremony. The air is clear now! “

C Marshall
Pacific Palisades, Ca

“…You are part of lives forever! You made our wedding ceremony perfect!
We’ll be calling you when we move into our new house AND again after the baby’s born! “

Love & Light,
L Seacrest
Laguna Beach, Ca

Dear Bless & Clear,
We’ve seen a clear shift in production at our company. Employees are happy and our sales have turned upward. Not everyone here was in harmony with the idea of doing a Clearing of our office but no one can deny the affects.

Loving my business again,
Los Angeles, Ca.